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  • This Panhard Correction Kit (PCK) returns the Panhard bar to horizontal (per original design), eliminates the need for an aftermarket adjustable Panhard bar to recenter the axle, and in most cases (up to 4 inches of lift) raises the roll center for improved handling (4-4.5 inch lift maintains the roll center of an adjustable panhard).


  • The axle-end (lift) bracket is cut from 3/16" plate to match the thickness of the factory mount and contoured for easy alignment to the existing axle mount with minimal fitting.


  • The lift bracket raises the axle-end of the Panhard bar 2 inches by itself, without interfering with the frame under full flex with factory bump stops in place.


  • The drop bracket is selectable for 2, 3 and 4-inch lift heights and is cut from .120" plate to match the thickness of the factory mount.


  • It is contoured for slide-over alignment with the existing frame mount with minimal fitting, using the factory pivot bolt hole for proper location. The drop bracket also includes two 3mm hardened steel spacers to retain the factory mount inner diameter.


  • This is a Weld-On kit. Bolt-On panhard corrections are not recommended for this application.

EimKeith PCK (Panhard Correction Kit)

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